About Amnesty

Amnesty International in the Czech Republic Amnesty International CR was founded in 1991 and immediately became involved in international activities and gradually began to develop its work at home. Today, its employees along with volunteers and activists teach human rights to primary and secondary schools, monitor the human rights situation, provide support to asylum seekers, promote the protection of women, seek to eliminate discrimination, and advocate systemic changes in law and practice. The biggest challenge is gaining public support, thanks to which Amnesty International — and human rights — in the world has a strong voice. Supporting those who stand on the side of human rights is the basis of our authority. Another critical objective in the Czech Republic is to inform the public about injustice, without regard to where and how it occurs. Amnesty International regularly publishes reports on the situation of human rights in the world and in specific countries, publishing and printing services on human rights and using genuine public events to raise awareness. We strive to not only bring in cases of injustice to light, but also to mobilize the public and engage in human rights protection and authorities. We are a democratic organization that listens to the voices of its members and consults with other civil society actors. Our work is driven by volunteers who are elected to the Coordinating Committee and the Control and Auditing Commission. Discussions about important topic among members of the movement take place at both the general meeting and through e-mail consultations.
Amnesty and Human RightsAmnesty International promotes respect for human rights globally. Amnesty International is a voluntary movement consisting of people around the world who are passionate about human rights and want to fight violations against human rights. Therefore, we campaign, organize public events, support the victims of injustice, and seek systemic changes at the national and international level. Amnesty International’s work is based on sound research. Amnesty is changing the world — thanks to the support of thousands of people from around the world. Amnesty International currently has 3.2 million members and supporters in over 150 countries and regions. Such results were achieved thanks to the authority Amnesty International has gained during the 50 years of its operations. We are part of an international movement. Videos, news, and information about current global events can be found on the website of World Amnesty www.amnesty.org.The objectives of Amnesty International include:•    the release of and fair trials for all prisoners of conscious •    the abolition of the death penalty and elimination of torture•    protection of civilians in armed conflict•    the elimination of discrimination and the fight against poverty•    ensuring the rights of refugees and migrantsPrinciplesAmnesty International builds on the principles of universality and indivisibility of human rights, international solidarity, impartiality, independence, and reliable research.Amnesty International is independent of any government, political parties, economic entities, religion or ideology of any kind.Amnesty International does not accept funding from governments for research on human rights and applies strict rules for accepting donations.Amnesty International is a democratic organization and is headed by the elected representatives of its members.AppreciationIn 1977 Amnesty International received the Nobel Peace Prize for “having contributed to securing the ground for freedom, for justice, and thereby also for peace in the world.” It currently holds a consultative status at the United Nations.

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