Text of on-line petition a thorough investigation of Ihar Tsikhanyuk's case.

Alyaksandr Koniuk
Generalnaya Prokuratura
ul. Internatsionalnaya 22
220030 Minsk

Dear Prosecutor General:

Allow me to turn to you on behalf of Amnesty International Czech Republic to express my deep concern over the case of Ihar Tsikhanyuk, who was investigated, beaten and threatened by police officials in January 2013 after he had unsuccessfully attempted to register a non-governmental organization LGBTI Human Rights Centre Lambda in Belarus.

Amnesty International strongly believes that the denial of registration to the non-governmental organization followed by acts of violence was based solely on the attempt to curb the right to express one's sexuality and to be free from discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation.

In the light of the above described, I respectfully urge you, Mr Prosecutor General, to ensure that:

  • The ill-treatment of Ihar Tsikhanyuk at the police station be duly and independently investigated, and

  • Those responsible for the respective actions be brought to face justice and a fair trial.

In the spirit of respect for the basic values of human dignity, freedom, equality and solidarity, I call on you, Mr Prosecutor General, to respect the human rights not only in the case of Ihar Tsikhanyuk mentioned in this letter, but also all the persons persecuted in Belarus on the grounds on their sexual orientation.

Thank you for your attention to this important issue.

Yours sincerely