Text on-line petice za ukončení sexuálního násilí na ženách

J.E. p. Mohamed Ibrahim ABDEL HAKAM, velvyslanec Egyptské arabské republiky
Velvyslanectví Egyptské arabské republiky
Pelléova 14
160 00 Praha 6 - Bubeneč

Your Excellency,

Allow me to turn to you on behalf of Amnesty International Czech Republic and raise my deep concern regarding gender-based violence and situation of women in Egypt. At this crucial moment in Egyptian history, amid the popular protest which have spread across the country following the revolution of 2011, Amnesty International has observed and gathered information about women being denied their full political and civic rights. In particular, there is a disturbing and increasing pattern of sexual violence taking place in public and peaceful demonstrations. To date, political authorities are standing idle in face of these attacks. I believe this must change and therefore respectfully urge you to use your diplomatic clout and urge Egyptian authorities to put an end to gender-based violence and discrimination of women in Egypt.

Specifically, I call on the Egyptian authorities to

• condemn all forms of sexual and gender-based violence and harassment, without reservation and take practical steps without delay to improve the current state of women’s rights in the country ;

• order full, impartial and independent investigations into sexual and gender-based violence and ensure the perpetrators are brought to justice in fair trials;

• end discrimination against women in law and practice through introducing new legislation to tackle gender-based violence, including domestic violence, marital rape and sexual harassment.

Thank you.