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Equal access to education for all!

Czech Republic, action created 20.4.2015, petition is active

Roma children in the Czech Republic often do not get the same education as other children. Because of their differences, Roma children often experience bullying and are separated from other students, and even placed in schools for children with mild mental disabilities. Does this mean that they can not fulfill their potential and build a better future for themselves?

Sign to challenge Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka, as follows:

Dear Prime Minister,

Every child should have the opportunity to go to school without having experienced discrimination, including harassment, just because of who he is. Thousands of Roma children in Czech schools are experiencing prejudice every day. The European Commission criticized the Czech government, but that does not solve the urgent problem. I urge you, therefore, to:

1. First publicly acknowledge that Roma children in Czech schools have experienced ethnic discrimination.

2. Take strong and unequivocal political commitment to the elimination of discrimination of Roma children in education and consider this a priority that must be urgently addressed.

3. Devise a plan with comprehensive measures to end ethnic discrimination and segregation of Roma children in Czech schools.

At present, Roma children lack educational resources and opportunities to which they are entitled. The correct answer is integration, not segregation. Act Now.

Case background

AI research report - "It takes more effort - ethnic discrimination of Roma children in Czech schools" - April 2015

Andrei Rom is 15 years old and lives with his grandmother and sister near Cesky Krumlov, where he attends elementary school. He moved to Southern Bohemia when he was in the 4th grade. Before that he lived in the Slovak Republic, where he attended a mainstream elementary school. His living room is full of his trophies from the football tournaments. He dreams of studying at a secondary school with a focus on physical education.

As a native speaker of Slovak Andrej, Andrei had problems at school with the Czech language, but nobody did anything to help. In 5th grade, he failed the Czech lauguage test and was sent for an examination of pedagogical and psychological counseling.

"In school, they showed me where the images were. It seemed as if he thought I was an idiot. It was very simple. "A week later he received a letter of recommendation that he shifted to practical elementary school. "I wanted to go there, because I wanted to make friends there." he recalls. He did not know, however, that this school is for pupils with mental disabilities. His grandmother, who is his legal guardian, was against it, but felt pressure to comply. "They told me that the transfer is necessary because [at the regular school] he would continue to fail."