Text of on-line petition the immediate release of Jabeur Mejri

Moncef Marzouki
Palais Présidentiel

Your Excellency:

Allow me to turn to you on behalf of Amnesty International Czech Republic and express my deep concern over the case of Jabeur Mejri, who was sentenced to seven and a half years in prison after having been found guilty of allegedly insulting Islam and Muslims in the entries on his Facebook profile in March 2012.

Amnesty International considers Jabeur Mejri to be a prisoner of conscience as he was sentenced solely for having exercised his right to freedom of speech.

In the light of the above described, I respectfully urge you, Your Excellency, to ensure that Jabeur Mejri be released immediately and unconditionally.

In the spirit of respect for the basic values of human dignity, freedom, equality and solidarity, I call on you, Your Excellency, to uphold the right to freedom of speech not only in the case of Jabeur Mejri mentioned in this letter, but also all those unjustly imprisoned in Tunisia.

Thank you for your attention to this important issue.

Yours sincerely