Text of on-line petition for safe haven for Syrian refugees

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Mgr. Bohuslav Sobotka
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We, the people of Europe, are calling on European leaders to take steps without delay to protect Syrian refugees. It is necessary to agree on the following three events:

1. Give refugees safe passage to Europe

There are practical ways for refugees to safely travel to Europe. However, those who are trying to flee Syria are risking their lives in the hands of smugglers and facing hardships on the dangerous journey.

European leaders must ensure Syrian refugees easier access to European countries. Visa restrictions must be temporarily lifted to allow refugees to obtain entry visas. In addition, there must be a significant increase in jobs for resettled refugees. Embassies in the region need to offer other forms of humanitarian entry and acceptance into the EU .

2. Protect refugees on Europe's borders

Even after refugees have reached Europe, they remain seriously threatened. Many of them risked death to travel to Europe, and yet they are often involuntarily returned to Syria.

European leaders must put an end to sending refugees back after they arrive in Europe. They must also ensure that those in need receive assistance. The people who survive the hardships of a trip to Europe deserve humane treatment and protection.

3. Allow families divided by the conflict to come back together.

The war has destroyed many Syrian families, and their separation is often long-term. Some refugees have European relatives, yet they cannot move to Europe to live with these family members and escape the crisis. This can be fixed by simplifying the complex visa and administrative procedures.

European leaders must help divided families to be reunited with their loved ones in Europe. Family members should not become victims of protracted and complicated administrative procedures.

Thank you for your attention to these serious concerns.


This petition has also been sent to representatives of governments and states throughout Europe.