Text of on-line petition for the safety and freedom of movement of journalists in Crimea

Předseda Vrchní Rady AR Krym
Konstantinov Volodymyr Andrijovyč
Vrchní Rada AR Krym
Ul. K. Marksa, 18
95000, Simferopol, AR Krym

Dear Mr. President,

I am writing to you to express my concern over the situation in Crimea since 9 March, 2014. Photographer Oles Kromplyas, journalist Olena Maksymenko and their driver Eugene Rakhno, and activists Oleksandra Ryazantseva and Kateryna Butk disappeared after being stopped at a checkpoint. There is evidence they were mistreated while detained. They have since been released, but I fear for the safety of other journalists who are located in Crimea.

In light of the above, therefore, urge you to take steps to:

Ensure the safety of Oles Kromplyas, Olena Maksymenko, Eugene Rakhno, Oleksandra Ryazantseva, and Kateryna Butk

Ensure the security and freedom of movement for journalists and other people in the Crimea, including people from mainland Ukraine

Immediately investigate the degrading treatment received by Oleksandra Ryazantseva and Kateryna Butk, as well as other persons who have been detained in the Crimea since 26 February 2014.