Text of on-line petition For providing necessary health care for Amur Khakulova or early release if proper medical care cannot be provided

Gennady A. Kornienko
Director of Federal Penitentiary Service
ul. Zhitnaya, 14
119991, Moscow, GSP-1
Russian Federation

Dear Director of the Federal Penitentiary Service,

I am deeply concerned about reports that Amur Khakulov has no access to the necessary medical treatment he urgently requires. He developer chronic kidney disease and if he does not get the medical treatment he needs his life is at risk.

The prisoners´right for medical treatment is included in many international agreements for example in the UN Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners require that "sick prisoners who require specialist treatment ... be transferred to specialized institutions or to civil hospitals" (para. 22 [2]) .

I would like to ask you for Amur Khakulov to be released early on medical grounds if the immediate provision of the necessary medical treatment cannot be arranged.