Operations and Support for Hakan Yaman


Zastavte mučení   Turecko publikován 18.3.2014

Hakan has had five operations on his face so far. He now has a prosthetic eye placed in his eye socket. His appearance, a cause for distress and loss of morale for him previously, has much improved and he is more positive than he was before. It also looks like his sight in the other eye is not as damaged as previously thought, which is of course good news. He will have a further operation soon. Regarding the investigation into the attack, Hakan's lawyer informed us that the prosecutor has so far gathered statements from 20 individuals, with another 15 called to make statements. Once he has all the statements he will start the prosecution. Hakan's lawyer said she is confident that a case will be opened, though the timescale is not yet known. She also told us that the case file contains reference to the many letters sent to the authorities, evidence the Letter Writing Campaign was taken note of.

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