Jabeur Mejri back in jail for an argument with a court registrar

Jabeur Mejri was arrested on 18 April after an argument with a court registrar when he went to inquire about his case and find out the date of his next court session. His lawyers are waiting to be told whether he will be charged and when he may be released. Jabeur’s family were able to see him on 23 April in Mahdia Prison and were very upset and disheartened by what had happened. His family and lawyers have explained that the argument is probably due to the level of stress Jabeur was experiencing. The continued travel ban against him has only added to his stress and fragile emotional state. He has been looking forward to travelling outside Tunisia for some time, but because of the second case that appeared against him shortly before his release, he has been banned from travelling, and this can only be lifted by the court. Jabeur is now held in Mahdia Prison.

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