Prosecution has Requested 5-6 Year Jail Sentences


Svoboda slova a vězni svědomí publikován 24.1.2014

On 22 January, the prosecution in Bolotnaya case requested that co-defendants are given five to six years prison sentences. The prosecution is confident that they have proved the co-defendants’ guilt. They support their position that what happened in Bolotnaya Square on 6 May 2012 was, indeed, mass riots and that the co-defendants took part in them by throwing stones and attacking police while they could have left the Square. The prosecution believes that the co-defendants’ statements are unreliable. At the same time, the prosecution preferred to brush off the defence’s arguments that the “witness” statements presented during the trial are inconsistent and full of contradictions. The defence disagrees and is going to fight for their clients’ full acquittal.